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The Safest Places to Visit in Lagos

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Aug 23, 2022

Lagos is a loud, bustling city. Many consider it unsafe to visit. While this might be true, there sure are a number of safe places to visit in Lagos. You don’t have to avoid the city and all its fun completely. 

Here is a list of the safest places to visit in Lagos and get the true Lagos experience.

1. Ikoyi

Ikoyi is by far one of the most beautiful, quiet, and peaceful places in Lagos State. A perfect destination for visitors, it is an affluent area of Lagos City, featuring a perfect view both day and night. You sure need to see what Ikoyi looks like at night. It is everything stunning. 

Some of the most fun things to do in Ikoyi include: 

  • A visit to the Ogirikan Art gallery
  • A visit to the Omenka Art Gallery
  • Lagos Fishing

2. Ikeja

Ikeja is the capital of Lagos State. As you can already guess, it is quite populated. But that does not mean it is unsafe. You should be fine if you can maneuver your way around. 

The rule of the thumb is: do not be alone at night. 

There is a heavy presence of security officials in Ikeja. You will find police officers on almost every street here. 

Ikeja is the closest Urban and peaceful area to the Airport at Lagos. A great place to be in if you love to have some fun. 

Thrill yourself with meals from Bukas—small stalls along roadsides. They cook the best meals in these stalls. 

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3. Magodo

Many Lagos residents describe Malabo to be the best place to live around Lagos. 

Its population is a mix of high-class and middle-class people. The crime rate in Magodo, compared to other places in Lagos, is quite low. In fact, there is a high chance you will never get to witness any sort of crime throughout your stay here.

4. Lekki

Lekki is no doubt one of the most influential areas in Lagos. It stands on the Island. Lagos Island is considered much safer than the mainland due to the heavy presence of security personnel here. 

Lekki is the perfect place to be in if you enjoy the nighttime life. There are a number of clubs here where you can enjoy your Friday nights. 

Also, there are a number of lounges where you can sit in and have fun!

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5. Victoria Island

This is another spot of Affluence in Lagos and one of the safest places to visit there. Most of the rich people in Lagos live here. As a result, it is not quite populated. Plus, the crime rate is low. Still, one has to be careful here, especially at night. 

The top things to do on Victoria Island include: 

  • A visit to the beach to watch the water
  • Strolls along the shore. 


Lagos may be a typically unsafe city, but it sure has a number of safe neighborhoods. If you really want to visit Lagos, you should be around these neighborhoods listed here.

By Allison

Allison is enthusiastic about finding information and sharing guides about Lagos. He also covers all exciting topics about Africa at Lonely Africa. He lives in Lagos with his wife Antje and cat Leo and loves fabric crafting, and watching TV in his spare time.

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