The Probation Period in Nigeria

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Feb 4, 2023

When you start a new job in Nigeria, you are in your probation period. Introducing Lagos guide explains what probation means.

The majority of Nigerians would be curious as to why most businesses offer probationary periods to new hires and may already be aware of the reasons for this necessity. 

The probationary term is referred to as an agreed-upon review period for an employee to demonstrate to his employer his value on the job, as well as a period for the employer to comprehend business policies, rules, and obligations for the specific organization. The following information regarding probationary periods in Nigeria is important to know.

How Long is Probation Period in Nigeria?

Within three months of the employee beginning employment, which can be compared to a probationary period, the employer is required under section 7 of the labor law to present the employee with a written statement of particulars or documents. 

The probationary term may last anywhere from three (3) to six (6) months, depending on the staff level in Nigeria.

Nevertheless, depending on policies surrounding some organizations, they may extend a worker’s probation to a term of one year.

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What Occurs During Probation?

Employers aim to comprehend and observe employees’ abilities, work ethics, attitudes, and career goals throughout the probationary phase.

More importantly, verifying the employee’s promises made during the interview can provide the anticipated outcomes. The employee can use this time to learn about the organization’s culture, standards, rules, and work interests. 

Additionally, the employee is required to complete all tasks given to him during this time with attention. The company will occasionally review his performance. (Read: List of Accountants and Tax Advisors in Lagos

Quitting Your Job

During your probation period, you can easily quit your job. Your notice period is one day if you have not worked for more than 3 months. You have 1 week if you’ve worked more than 3 months.

Can an Employee Quit After the Probation Period?

Yes. At the end of the probationary period, the employee can decide whether to stay with the company or leave for various reasons. The reasons could be that the work culture is undesirable or falls short of what he or she had anticipated.

If you and your company agree to continue the employment agreement after your probation period, your company can no longer fire you so easily. It’s also not easy for you to quit your job.

Most employment contracts usually provide 3 months duration of notice given by either party. So if your employer fires you, they must give you a 3 months notice. If you decide to quit your job, you must also give your employer 3 months’ notice.

However, it’s always important to check your contract’s termination terms to avoid surprises.

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What Happens After the Probation Period?

The employer conducts evaluations after the probationary period to assess the employee’s performance and determine whether the employer believes the employee is unfit for the position. This also determines if the employee will remain in the company or not be kept or confirmed for a permanent position.

The employee will be paid the wage given to him or her for the time spent during the probation term, regardless of the conclusion of the probation. 

However, if the individual’s performance is extraordinary, such a person will be confirmed for the position.

Finally, below are a few pointers that can help an employee on probation complete the probationary time effectively with results. The following is included in this; 

  • Punctuality: Showing up on time to get things done at work is a wonderful strategy to impress your boss while being on probation. It draws a lot of positive attention your way.
  • Curiosity: This is advantageous since it shows that the employee is always willing to learn new things and ask questions to become better at his/her job.
  • Excellent communication abilities include speaking clearly and expressing thoughts without hesitation.
  • Be result-driven: Research more about the company’s expectations and how they can be met, work towards finding ways to solve problems and share ideas that can improve the organization in terms of increasing its profits. 

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Taking Sick Leave 

You can take as many sick days while on a probation period in Nigeria.

You should not take long sick days during your probation period except if it’s serious. It’s not forbidden, but some people think that it looks bad, especially during your first 3 or 6 months.

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