Where to Find a Nightclub in Lagos

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Jun 29, 2022

Regarding nightlife and nightclubs, Lagos has a strong reputation for craziness, which is well earned and truly deserved. In Lagos, people like to party and go clubbing all weekend—72 hours long before returning to work the following Monday morning.

Nighttime fun, known to Nigerians as night-waka, is one of the favorite things a fun-loving person can do in Lagos. This is why I have put up a list of where to find a nightclub in Lagos.

1. Quilox Bar

Club Quilox is a renowned club in Lekki, Victoria Island, and a place you can spend your Friday nights. 

They have VIP rooms and soundproof VVIP rooms and, as you can already tell, pay quite enough attention to lighting. 

The sound system is great enough to make your head pound with fun—the DJ here is great; you will have your fill of afrobeat music as you sip your wine. 

You can book a part of this club for your events. Small parties and birthdays. Anything. 

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2. Cubana

Find Cubana Bar nightclub at no 1090 Adeola Odeku Street, Victoria Island, Lagos, one of the best and safest nightclubs in Lagos. At the gate, you will spot a security team, meaning you don’t have to hold your hearts in your sleeves, praying that nothing goes wrong. 

The Cubana Suites has both an open bar and a lounge. The open bar, Cuban Hot Grill, has an interior decoration made to give you the true feel of Lagos fun: lighting, very comfy seats, etc. 

The lounge is a rooftop lounge. You get the best clubbing experience here, looking over the beautiful Victoria Island. 

3. Uptown Stream Bush Bar

This is in no way a bush bar, believe me. It is a club you really want to be in—many Lagosians prefer here to the bigger and more renowned Quilox Bar, and it is no wonder why. 

Here, you get the true feel of flex and booze without having to spend so much. The hypemen add a peculiar vibe to the afrobeat music, infusing comedy and motivation. 

The diverse crowd in this nightclub creates more fun, welcoming atmosphere than at many clubs in Lagos.

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4. Club Uno

Compared to the nightclub mentioned earlier, this is a much smaller club. But, hey, it is still fun. So fun you might even forget you’ve been dancing for houses. 

Find Club Uno at No. 19b Allen Avenue, Ikeja, Lagos. 

They seem to have a very 18+ policy and don’t like it when people come in with illegal substances. Keep anything drugs away. 

At Club Uno, be sure to let yourself go and dance as much as you can—have drinks too. The drinks are not as expensive as they are elsewhere in Lagos. 

5. Escape Night Club

I like to refer to this club as an alternate reality. One where you forget the world you just stepped out from, at least for as long as you will be staying here. 

You are going to find this nightclub at Escape Night club, 234B Adeola Odeku Street. They will welcome you with a big gate manned by security officials. Meaning you don’t have to fear. After which, you will be stunned by beautiful lighting and interior décor.

Escape Night Club has a more extroverted audience. This means you sure will be meeting new people. Who knows, you might see the start of a beautiful relationship here. 

Have some drinks, and get on the dance floor. 

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6. Nitro Night Club

If you played the video game, Need for Speed, you will know what a Nitro is. The only way I can explain it is: thrill. 

If you’re craving some dark, thrilling, intriguing experience, head to Nitro Night Club at 1 Adeola Hopewell Street, Victoria Island, Lagos. All you will be getting: a thrill. Raw thrill clinched into the air. 

You enter this nightclub, and all around you, people are having fun. There’s fun lighting—speakers around blast afrobeat music into your ears. 

Are you just going to stand there? Certainly not. Get some drinks, and make your way to the dancefloor. It is Fun’Oclock. 

7. Club 57

This nightclub used to be Bacchus Club until its name was changed. Its DJs usually play upbeat, fun, and accessible music. Find Club 57 along Awolowo Road, Ikoyi, Lagos State.

Like most Lagos nightclubs, in this club, there is a VIP section and a normal pew. The VIP section is for the ‘big guys’, and the pay is more. I’ll say the pay is suitable for the experience. 

In the VIP section, you sit with your glass of wine and chill—the big boy. 

Club 57 plays the latest afrobeat music. So, as you go night clubbing here in Lagos, prepare to bob your head to the beats. 

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8. Club Temptation

This is the average Lagosian’s club and is located on the mainland. They also have a bit of an extrovert audience. Meaning it isn’t one of those clubs where you go and sit all night. You sure will get to meet new people.

Yes, the nightclub is safe—there are security officials positioned at the entrance. And not so far away from there, there is a police patrol team. 

Take your time. Dance as well as you can. Have some drinks. Ah. I have to mention this: this is one of the most affordable clubs in Lagos state. You don’t need to spend extravagantly. 

As a safety tip, when you visit here, don’t leave for home until it is a bit bright—and be sure to have all your items on you. 

9. Velvett Club

Another nightclub where people who live on the island can troop in and have a time of their week. I recommend you visit here on a Friday night, as this is when you will get the best feel—especially if you are a bit extroverted and are open to meeting new people. 

Velvett Club is a zone for afrobeat. The DJ makes sure to play the most trending African songs. 

You will dance as much as you want and have as many drinks as you can. What is more, the club is not expensive. And it is safe. Just be sure not to lose sight of your belongings in Lagos nightclubs—hold your mobile phones close to you.

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10. Prive Lounge

When thinking of nightclubs to go clubbing in Lagos, a night out on the town probably comes to mind. Prive lounge isn’t your regular Lagos nightclub. It is all shades of class. Located at CCGF+9XW, Akin Adesola St, Victoria Island 106104, Lekki, Lagos.

There are private spots to rent here if you want to host a party of your own. But if you don’t, sit in the general lounge and be treated by the friendliest customer service there is.

Don’t hold yourself back. Have some fun. 

Photo by Yomex Owo on Unsplash

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