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Do you need legal insurance in Nigeria?

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May 7, 2022

Amongst the many things which confuse people who have just moved to Lagos, legal insurance stands out. Have you just moved into Lagos? Read to find out everything about legal insurance in Nigeria. 

What is legal insurance? 

Legal insurance is a special class of insurance. It gives you access to law and justice in a particular state or region. 

What does legal insurance cover?

What your legal insurance covers is, essentially, proportional to your terms of the policy. For this reason, you have got to be especially careful before buying any legal insurance.

Basically, most legal insurance plans, especially ones in Lagos, advice cover the following: legal assistance, consultation, representations, and preparation of legal documents. They don’t cover criminal cases.

You should buy legal insurance in Lagos if you believe you’ll be involved in any of these:

  • Lawsuits
  • Tax advice
  • Employment disputes
  • Employment agreements
  • Home buying
  • Tenants’ rights concerns
  • Marriage and divorce
  • Adoption
  • Child custody and child support
  • Bankruptcy
  • Debt refinancing and debt collection issues.

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How to use your legal insurance?

  1. Pay for your insurance with a legal company. Make sure you have everything in place. 
  2. Let your insurance company recommend a lawyer for you.
  3. Have your first consultation with your lawyer. He will listen to you and let you know what should be done. 
  4. Once you know your options and what your insurance covers, you can do what you need to do to solve your legal problem(s).

How much does legal insurance cost in Nigeria?

Typically, legal insurance in Lagos costs between N10,000 to N15,000 per month. However, it can cost more or less, depending on:

  • Your Insurance plan 
  • Your payment plan: it’s most likely going to be cheaper if you are paying for an entire year, as this means you will get discounts. 
  • Your age, location, occupation, and marital status.

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Is legal insurance worth it?

This is a simple question to answer. Yes, legal insurance is worth it.

Legal insurance brings legal services to you at a cheap rate and also ensures that you are comfortable. Without legal insurance, you sure are going to have an issue accessing legal options. The cost of legal services not covered by insurance is high. So high you might have a problem paying. 

Legal insurance also makes access to lawyers pretty easy. You don’t have to stress yourself, trying to make connections, or call people who know people. Your insurance company provides you with your own lawyer, and it keeps getting better. 

How to choose legal insurance?

When choosing legal insurance in Nigeria, as a rule of the thumb, do not fail to read the policy. Every insurance covers specific things. Choose the legal insurance that covers common legal disputes that you find likely that you’ll be involved in. 

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Alternatives to legal insurance

If you aren’t someone who buys into the idea of insurance, then you should build a habit of saving. You can use the emergency cash on anything, including paying for lawyers and legal consultations. 

Apply for help from NGOs. Some NGOs are out to help people who have a problem accessing legal options and services. Have one supporting you. It’s a great idea. 

Stay out of trouble, too. This is a great alternative. Try not to be involved in any legal matters!

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