How to Get Help About Life in Lagos

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May 5, 2022

Have you ever wondered why many people are keen on moving to Lagos? This is because living in Lagos puts you in the face of many, many opportunities that can transform your life. Jobs. Wealth. And most of all, people and connections that will offer you just the help you need in life. In this article, I will explore how to live in Lagos such that help comes to you, and you end up progressing as the days go by: 

General Questions

You can get help from these communities and services:

  • Nairaland – discussion board/forum. It is targeted primarily at Nigerian domestic residents
  • r/Nigeria/ – Reddit community
  • Quora – a general Question & Answer community

Official Government Websites

Emergency Services

  • Lagos State Accident & Emergency Centre (LASAEC) – Old Toll-Gate, Lagos – Ibadan Expy, Kosofe, Lagos
  • Emergency Room – Lagos State University Teaching Hospital
  • National Orthopaedic Hospital Igbobi-Lagos Emergency Room – 120 / 124 Ikorodu-Ososun Rd, Igbobi 102216, Lagos

Anyone Can Help You

This is Lagos. The first thing you have got to realize here is that help with life can come from anywhere. From anyone. Please note that help, as used here, does not only include financial help. It can include help with directions, employment, connections, etc. 

As you walk through Lagos streets, chase after Lagos danfos, and share a car with a Lagos bolt driver, you should realize that help is just by the corner. This should cause you to appreciate and respect everyone, irrespective of how they appear, their gender, their religion, etc. Respect all.

Speak to everyone nicely. Wear a smile. Be confident, but do not put anyone down whilst at it. Act in a way that makes people drawn to you. Exude enough positive energy, and you will begin to answer questions like:

  • “Where do you school?”
  • “Where do you work?”
  • “Do you need anything?”

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Go Out

Help from people seldom just comes to you. You have to go out there and meet it. If you are looking for help with getting a job, for example, you just have to go out. As a goal, make sure you meet someone new every week. 

Be at strategic places with strategic plans. Every Lagosian knows how important this is. You never know what day you are going to stumble on the person who is going to help you. 

If you are an artist, be at art fairs around you. If you are a singer, be at music concerts. Be available. Always. 

Mentors are Gold; Win the Mentor’s Heart

Every Lagosian has heard or featured in a story about someone whose mentorship transformed radically. 

Truth be told, in Nigeria, mentorship is a big deal. To shoot up there and become much better than you are right now, you have got to find a way to win the hearts of those who are already up. 

You have got to get them to like you because when they do, they are going to help you. 

How will they help you? Sometimes, by employing you. Other times, by connecting you with people who will help you. 

It is true what they say: connection really is a currency in Lagos. The right people, the right circles, will change your life. So, mentors—or if you want ‘godfathers— are a yes.

You win a mentor’s heart by: 

Offering First

There is a mistake common amongst young people in Nigeria, and it is the mistake of asking first. 

A typical Nigerian big man or woman gets stopped by a lot of people in need of help every week. So much so that he may begin to feel overwhelmed and subconsciously begin to shut out everyone who comes to him or her asking for help.

If you plan to be different and be welcome, offer something to the big man or woman. Something that reflects your skill and passion. For example, you can offer them a pencil portrait if you are a pencil artist. You can fix and send them an amazing breakfast if you are a chef. You can send them a well-crafted shoe if you are a cobbler. Anything at all. Soon, you will have their attention, and they will start to show interest in helping you.

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Being Humble

Be humble enough to take correction. When your mentor starts to take a liking to you, he will become comfortable with having you around. Do not feel like the world revolves around you, then. Be attentive to what they say. Take into consideration the suggestions they offer you.

Sometimes, good suggestions are enough to help in life. The rich know what many others don’t. Any information they share with you is probably just gold. 

Put Yourself Out There

Lagos is not a place you hide in the shadows. It is not a place you let timidity stop you from being the person you have always been meant to be. Lagos is a place where you have to put yourself out. 

Sometimes, the people that will help you in life here will approach you. You don’t even need to approach them. They will come to you because your skills draw them. They will come because they see potential and will be drawn to help. 

Showcase whatever you do, as long as you do it skillfully and with amiable mastery. 

Put your portraits on social media. Let your music go out into the air. Let your shoes be showcased in boutiques.

Do not think that you are not enough. 

Do not stop until you are noticed. Keep honing and honing your skills. You are a Lagosian now, and Lagosians do not stop. They keep going until attention comes to them. Until they win. 

Help People

If you want help in Lagos, offer help. There are no rules here with this one. Offer help whenever you can. Offer help however you can. Offer help whenever you have that feeling in your gut that your help will go a long way, especially if help does not put you in the face of danger. 

Help will always come around people who help others in this city. 

Somehow, the word is going to go out, and your name is going to reach the ears of someone who is able to help you. 

Help Yourself

Be there for yourself. Treat yourself with respect. Embrace every opportunity you consider good enough for you. To yourself, be everything you expect from the world. You’ve got this. This Lagos no big pass you.

Photo by Tachina Lee on Unsplash

By Allison

Allison is enthusiastic about finding information and sharing guides about Lagos. He also covers all exciting topics about Africa at Lonely Africa. He lives in Lagos with his wife Antje and cat Leo and loves fabric crafting, and watching TV in his spare time.

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