Can You Park A Motorcycle On The Sidewalk In Lagos?

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Jan 26, 2023

No, you can’t park your motorcycle on the sidewalk in Lagos. You can only park your motorbikes in places that are explicitly allowed. Busy and Hectic are the most common words one would associate with a place like Lagos. Due to the fact that the city never sleeps, there is traffic almost 24/7 in most areas of Lagos. Choosing a motorcycle as a means of transport is one of the most convenient ways to get around. 

If you are wondering if it is illegal to park a motorcycle on the sidewalk in Lagos, the answer is Yes. It is unlawful. As a matter of fact, commercial motorcycles, popularly known as “Okadas,” are banned in about six local governments and nine local councils. (Read: The Safest Places to Visit in Lagos)

Motorcycle owners are still required to follow traffic and parking laws or risk prosecution in areas where they are allowed.

Why Are Motorcycles Not Allowed To Park On The Sidewalk in Lagos?

Motorcycle riders do all manner of crazy stuff and get away with it because they are compact and can quickly zoom off before they have to face the consequences. 

Most are fond of dropping off their passengers at places they are not supposed to and continue to do this because they do not get caught.

It is better to do the right thing in order to avoid unnecessary harassment from Lagos State Traffic Management Authority LASTMA and other concerned authorities or paying heavy fines. 

Cars, Motorcycles, and other vehicles are only allowed to park at regular parking spots such as car parks and other designated parking spots according to Lagos traffic laws. 

The only situation that allows motorcycles to park on the sidewalk is parking on private property. And even then, one has to get the permission of the owner.

Motorcycle owners even risk damage to their property by leaving it unattended in places where children or other people might vandalize it. Also, parking on the sidewalks makes it difficult for passersby or people with disabilities to use the road.

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Where Can You Park Your Motorcycle In Lagos?

LATSMA and Okada’s riders frequently have clashed over various issues, including parking issues. It is safer to park in legal parking spots to avoid this. These legal spots include; 

  • Parking garages owned by private organizations. In Lagos, for instance, there are a number of them, such as the MTN multi-story car park, Ikeja Shopping Mall Park, and others.
  • The usual car parks
  • Parking spaces for motorcycles provided by some businesses, usually at their entrances.

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Motorcycle Parking Rules in Lagos

Even when parking in legal spots, there are some rules you should follow to ensure that you do not cause harm to yourself and other road users in Lagos.

  • You should park in such a way that other motorcycles and vehicles can move and park around you safely.
  • You are not allowed to park in spots that are designed to help disabled people move more freely. These designated spots are usually marked with striped lines and should be left unoccupied even when they are vacant.
  • You should not park between two cars in metered parking as it gives them less space to navigate when they are trying to get out of their parking spot.

Now that you know that parking on the sidewalk is not legal in Lagos, ensure that you do the right thing and do not contribute to the gridlock of Lagos.

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