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Is Marijuana Legal in Nigeria?

Marijuana is not yet legal in Nigeria. If the police or NDLEA catch you with weed, you can get in serious trouble. For a country like Nigeria, where...

The Safest Places to Visit in Lagos

Lagos is a loud, bustling city. Many consider it unsafe to visit. While this might be true, there sure are a number of safe places to visit in...

What is it Like to Live in Lagos

What is it like to live in Lagos? It is fantastic. I've been to so many cities all over the world, and sincerely, there's nowhere I'd rather live...

Where to Find a Nightclub in Lagos

Regarding nightlife and nightclubs, Lagos has a strong reputation for craziness, which is well earned and truly deserved. In Lagos, people like to...

Where to Find Car Dealers in Lagos

If you live in Lagos and want comfort and safety you need to buy a car of your own. At first, it can be exhilarating and daunting at the same time,...

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